Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Islamic Studies

There is no doubt now that there is an increased need for religious and Islamic cadres to provide the world with qualified competencies capable of inviting people to Islamic Law through a broad Islamic background and a deep understanding of the faith, to explain and interpret many of the legitimate issues of concern to Muslims. This program provides you with comprehensive and necessary information in Islamic sciences that qualifies you to understand, analyze and judge reality legally, and provide you with the knowledge and skills that help you understand Islamic law, and the origins of Islamic jurisprudence properly, if you are interested in calling to God, and understanding the right understanding of your faith and religion, this program is right for you.

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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:

-Mentoring, preaching to God around the world

-Workers in Islamic centres 

-Students and graduates of Islamic Law Colleges

-Workers in the field of religious and legal consultations

-Those wishing to obtain a qualification enable them to work in all legitimate areas



The program aims to:

-Promoting belonging to the Islamic faith and knowing its impact on nation-building

-Introducing students to Islamic sciences, concepts, foundations, and entrances

-Introducing students to the islamic provisions of many religious texts in different areas of life

-Qualifying students to take up jobs in many religious fields

-Save many texts of the book and sunnah with mastery of recitation

-To provide the Islamic world with a lot of competencies that call for God Almighty


Program content:

1- An introduction to Islamic jurisprudence

2- The Islamic faith and its concept and foundations

3- Miracle of the Holy Quran

4. The origins of jurisprudence

5- The jurisprudence of worship/ the jurisprudence of the biography / the jurisprudence of the family

6. Contemporary doctrinal issues

7- Getting to know the sciences of the Qur’an and hadith sciences

8. Islamic Lawsuit, its curricula, origins and methods

9- Interpretations of many Qur’anic texts and prophetic hadiths

10- Memorizing some Qur’anic texts, recognizing the mastery of recitation

11. Skills for imama and oratory

12. Legitimate policy

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