Department of Marketing and E-Commerce

Department of Marketing and E-Commerce

The advent of the Internet has changed our entire world, with marketing, e-commerce, and social media becoming critical to business growth and spread, and digital marketing has changed the nature of modern business, combining marketing strategy with Internet technology. Develop your skills with us in this program and learn about the basics of online marketing, where this program provides you with a strong basis for exploring and studying digital marketing, which is an ever-evolving area, you will learn with us how to measure effectiveness in promoting electronic transformation, and how to move the customer from being a passive internet browser to an interactive user of the broker.

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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:
– All marketing workers who want a greater return and wider spread
– Owners of enterprises and companies who own an activity and are willing to promote it
– All those interested in marketing business



This program aims to:
– Providing students with the basics of e-commerce operations
– The ability to create and promote e-commerce content
– Introducing students to e-commerce customer service management functions
– Work to improve search engines and marketing through the search engine
– How to measure the performance of an e-commerce store
– The ability to carry out e-commerce work
– The ability to move the customer from being a passive internet browser to an interactive user



Program themes:
– E-commerce and digital business
– E-commerce strategy
– Digital marketing
– Digital advertising
– Packing marketing
– Promotion and purchase: measuring effectiveness
– Online marketing communications
– Consumer understanding
– Customer Relations Management
– How to choose the right platform to do your business electronically

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