Department of Medical Sciences – Nursing

Department of Medical Sciences - Nursing

Nursing specialization aims to prepare male and female nurses for the purpose of practicing the profession of nursing to preserve the health of individuals, prevent and treat diseases, in addition to improving the lifestyle of the individual and society in application of the latest foundations of teaching, scientific training, implementation, care, research, and management

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who should attend?





Students acquire comprehensive knowledge of theory, practice and implementation of nursing work decisions, so that the curriculum contains the following subjects:

1. The method of switching beds for patients in hospitals periodically to keep the bed clean without the patient being disturbed.

2. The types and sizes of canyols (catheters) and their respective uses.

3. Canyola parts and their composition for the patient.

4. Method of giving intravenous syringe and muscular syringe.

5. Method of measuring blood pressure using mercury system.

6. Types of intravenous infusion solutions and when we use each.

7. The most important drugs used in emergency.

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